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 Oil Pulling - The secret to whiter teeth, clearer skin and a toxin-free body. 

Supermodel Miranda Kerr does it and Gwyneth Palthrow swears by it. An ancient Ayurvedic remedy, that is a wellness and beauty hack that many are adopting for oral health and detoxification.

Place a tablespoon of cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil in your mouth, first thing in the morning before breakfast, swish it around your mouth for approximately 15-20 minutes and then spit it out. 

As the oil mixes with your saliva, lipids in the oil begin to pull out toxins and bacteria from the mouth - turning the oil into a thick, sticky, white substance. Do this continuously for two weeks to see the incredible results of detoxification, brighter skin and pearly whiter teeth. 

What's left to say apart from - it's time to get Oil Pulling!